I don’t belong to a crew but I belong in film <33

Hey it’s meg d comin in with a blog on clementine crew!!

So I dont actually feel like I belong to clementine crew because I did not contribute to their movie in any way whatsoever.  But…I don’t belong to any other crew either so I chose to be with my bff Remy <333 (a&f)

WHAT I DID THIS YEAR IN FILM: I was the person behind “the making of the 12th annual film festival.” WOOHOOO!! I joined film second semester and everyone was already part of a crew so I was the outsider and then mr alan was like “ur in charge of the documentary” so i was like cool so i labeled footage and interviewed people and I finally got my 14 minutes of shine on awards night.

I had a lot of fun this year and got to know some cool people…a lot of “good quality human beings”(Harrison Berkland, the making of).

I’m gonna miss my senyah year so much and mr alan, a cool cool teacher!!!

bye everyone! make the documentary of the film festival 2014 or make excuses!

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