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Untitled     Hello we’re the Clementine Crew!

     This past week Mr.Alan made a huge decision, and this year for the 12th annual Walpole High School Film Festival, the Clementine Crew has the privilege of making the movie Imception, an original screenplay by Matt Brownsword and Marc Sheehan. Let’s get to know the crew!

     Foremost, we have 3 new directors ready and dedicated to making a movie that will go down in film festival history among the greatest! These Directors are Matt Brownsword, Montana Gulbrand and Remy Love! We also have the Jack (of all trades) Stedman who is very talented and will be both assistant directing and acting! With an extremely art direction heavy script ahead of him and symbolic meanings to be exemplified through these props, Drew Morrier is fearlessly stepping up to the plate as Art Director! Next we have our very own Robert Heanue who is dedicated to acting as one of the main roles in our movie and is ready and eager to take on the tons of lines he’s going to have to memorize! Last but not least we have our newest member Frank Deblasio, who is going to be in the period 7 class working on the scenes we shoot the block before as our Editor!

     So far, our crew has been spending a lot of time getting organized and preparing for the weeks of filming in front of us with script meetings, read throughs, and working on Google Drive. We are excited to be holding castings next week Tuesday after PLC to figure out which actors will be playing the roles of Gavin, Adande, Lupus, and Cara! If you have a study Period 6 and are interested in trying out come to Ms.Kerr’s room on Tuesday, November 15 and feel free to contact one of our directors with questions. Additionally, we love the computers we will be using throughout this year and are now referring to our area as the Clementine Corner! If you have any ideas for contributing to the decoration of the corner let us know! Unfortunately, our crew is not doing so great In music trivia so far this year; however, we haven’t lost hope and are hoping to make a come back! 

     That’s all for now but be sure to follow @clementinecrew on twitter and Instagram for updates!

     -The Clementine Family