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The Clementine crew is rounding out the pre-production process as I type this — shot lists are being completed, story boards are being assigned, and the script changes are all but completed. Stedman and Montana have already used their artistic prowess to give the “Clementine Corner” some decoration(s), giving the corner a minimalist feel. Artsy.

Yes, we did have to risk the computer's safety to take this picture. Worth it? Absolutely
Yes, we did have to risk the computer’s safety to take this picture. Worth it? Absolutely

But we are looking to further add to the decor of our little niche (and maybe do a little bit of interior designing). Organized.

Drew has been plugging away at his Art Direction work, working on the wardrobe sheets and prop lists — getting ‘props’ from the crew (pun INTENDED) for organization and color coding. In addition, he — along with our favorite per. 7 editor, Frank — has pulled clementine from the depths of the music trivs world to 4th place overall and only seven points behind of the TAN. Important.

Heanue has had a really great week, starring in the script meeting with some art direction ideas to solve some obstacles that we had foreseen — along with helping finish Drew’s shot lists so Drew can finish the Art Direction stuff. Creative.

Stedman — along with being artsy — has decided to forget #FlannelTuesday, #BlazerFriday, and #CardiganFriday to make every day #AdandeOutfitDay, really getting into the wardrobe of his character. Unbelievable.

Rem-Dawg, Montana, and I have just finished the vision — an arduous but rewarding process — as we hope to transfer this hard work on to the camera and then the editing room and finally to the big screen, where we can VISUALize (more puns!) the final product. Productive.

Quince and Clementine seem to be forming an early friendship, as we look to schedule a combined movie night. Also, I am competing in a little Women’s College Volleyball bracket competition with the Prince of Quince — among others — in which I am undefeated after the first day. Yes, I am beating WHS volleyball starlet JJones, and couldn’t be more proud. Better.

Yours Truly,

(Hopefully Mohawk-less) Brownsword