Back from the dead just to say goodbye

Hey guys, it’s Drew.


I’ve had quite a journey lately, getting out of school on Wednesday with a freak case of appendicitis.  Yes, I’m okay now. I’m not dead, but it did at one point feel like i would die. But really, it’s all good!

This illness did cause me to miss out on the red carpet showing, which was a massive bummer because I wanted nothing more to be with my crew on such a wonderful occasion. But, nonetheless, I give my congratulations to all of the winners and nominees. Huge props to Mango and A Day in the Life for winning Best Picture, they earned it. Also, shout out to Strawberry and Ssssssabaaaaaa for winning best Art Direction. She was such a driving force within the Art Direction community, she’s fantastic.

Remy, Montana and Matt were wonderful directors to work with and it was a massive pleasure.  They deserved their nomination for their work one hundred percent, and the rest of us Clementines are so happy for them.

Being an Art Director in this crew was an unbelievable experience, and working in the sacred Clementine Corner will be one of my best memories. Working alongside the duo of Stedman and Heanue was unreal. They’re great people, really. You should get to know the both of them if you haven’t gotten the chance. 

I say farewell to you all, thank you very much for this experience.

Happy Summer

Drew, Clementine’s Art Director

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