Wrappin’ up 2k14

Here it is: my second to last film class ever. Our movie premiered last Tuesday and even though we only got one nomination, everyone loved it and said we did a great job. The other movies were also amazing and everyone did such a phenomenal job on all of them.

There’s a bunch of people I’d like to give a shout out to:
Montana for being an incredible director and for putting up with me whenever I slacked off
Remy for being a great co-editor for two years straight
Brownsword for being able to take on the role of actor, director, and editor all at once
Stedman for his incredible acting and incredible personality
Heanue for his group hugs
Quince Crew for their brotherly (crew) love (especially Bryan Kelleher)
Wax Jambu for tolerating our antics and for being great neighbors
Meg D, Kayla Flynn, and Sara Murtagh for cheering me on while I write this blog

Photo on 2014-05-21 at 11.29

Everyone else is writing their final blogs too so be sure to check them out. Working on this crew has been an incredible experience and I would highly suggest joining film to anyone who wants to. This has been a great year and Film made it even greater!

DeBlasio out!


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