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Buzz – Worthy

In the previous week, Mr.Alan published what he titles “The Buzz” on his film festival blog. To enlighten those who are not aware of what The Buzz entails, Mr. Alan ranks each crew by beverage. The more caffeine, the better the flavor, and the bigger the size, the better the ranking is. Unfortunately, upon reading the Buzz we discovered that we are ranked at a raspberry lime rickey. It is unclear whether the ranking is of quality, hype or potential nominations; however, we do know that here at the Clementine Corner, the home of avid coffee drinkers and hard workers, this mediocre ranking does not hold true value nor accurately depict the ranking we deserve.  As Mr.Alan analyzes our film in the buzz,  Mr.Alan states that we are “flying under the radar” and that this is our “first directing stint”. Although the Clementine Crew does not need ranks or validation to know our hard work will pay off, we are quite disappointed that Mr. Alan would rank our movie without seeing a finished product or an edited scene.

None the less, the Clementine Crew has been working exceptionally hard  these past few weeks. On Tuesday of vacation,  we spent a long day of filming at the school from 8:30 until 3:30 and filmed a dream sequence with Mr. Imbusch using our new 50mm lens. On Wednesday we set up an intricate fantasy football set in Mr.Hahn’s office and we were able to film with Mr. Hahn until his daughter decided it would be alright to just puke in the middle of day care. Then they kicked her out. Poor kid, tough day. We were still productive that day and filmed a fight scene between Gavin and Adande. Jack and Matt’s acting has been steadily improving and they are really getting into character. On Thursday we worked on a dopesauce set for the Mr. Connor’s Corner dream sequence and Remy did a great job of getting shots of Matt, Heanue and Erica that we needed to complete some scenes. Finally on Friday we finished the set for Mr. Connors Corner and filmed that dream the majority of the day. (Side-note: Matt and Jack dressed sauve AF for that scene).

We have been dominating in music trivs and are as good looking as always. We hope to all be at the basketball game tomorrow, and TURN DOWN FOR NOTHING.

Stay sassy,

Loose Cannon,  Montana with an inkling of Remdog, Millionaire

Film > Valentines Day and Vacation

February Break is approaching, and as scheduling is frantic Valentines Day dates postponed, and ‘vacations’ cut short, us Clementines are ready for a fantastic filming week ahead.

We are in our triangular editing mode with Remy, Brownsword, and The Frank DeBlasio working diligently to edit our filmed scenes; using our mini-hiatus from filming to our utmost advantage.  

Our preperations for this coming week are going very smoothly.  Preparing for Brownsword and Stedman to look as classy they have ever looked aside our administrative figures.  Our Dream Machine is under construction, with many thanks to Mr. Alan’s donation of our black briefcase (aka the bomb that blew up Jackie).  

We are still in good ties with Quince, even though Heanue is fully convinced otherwise.  Our bins have been in pristine condition ever since they were places, and we couldn’t be happier as a family to share some space with them this year.

Our new addition of The Frank DeBlasio has gone very smoothly as he has felt right at home right away.  The Frank DeBlasio’s editing skills are also whimsical and he is hard at work making things happen.

All in all, we are just fine and dandy and having a good time working on our film! So excited for the weeks to come!

You have a good one now

      Art Director,