A Response From Brownsword

While Stedman refuses to mention the fact that I’m also working diligently, I’ll stay silent and work on our Editing Traffic Light. Because I’m the hero Clementine deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So Stedman’ll ignore me. Because I can take it. Because I’m not Clementine’s hero. I’m a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A Dark Knight.

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Happy Birthday Remdog Millionaire

Remy’s Birthday. Due dates are in. First thursday of the NCAA tournament. First day of spring. Rebel Rave is tomorrow.

Life is good.

Ok, well life could be a little better. American University, led by Walpole own’s Matt Wolfe as assistant coach, is causing me some anxiety as they are off to strong start against my final four team Wisconsin. Spring may be officially here but mother nature is refusing to give up her hold on winter. My advice: Let it go, let it goooooooooo. And we have entered the ever-stressful crunch time here on our film as the due date looms in the distance.

Some quick updates: Mr Alan takes interest in our art direction spreadsheet. Batchy is intrigued by Montana’s filming and editing prowess. Remy doesn’t take a day off, even on her b-day, from editing. She’s killing it right now. Frank and Drew keep doing their thing. And Heanue is MIA.

With a little more than a month left, things are shaping up. The dream sequences are coming together wonderfully, and our faculty performances have been top-notch. Our editing crew is working around the clock to perfect every scene.

Update: Heanue has been located. He has found an ailing balloon and intends to nurture it back to full health.



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March Madness

We’re well into the month of March here in the Clementine Corner and we are bustling and working around the clock to make Imception fantastic.  Remy, Brownsword and The Frank DeBlasio are editing completed scenes, and they are looking mighty fine if I do say so myself.  The dream sequences editing are quite dreamy themselves as well.

Our schedule is filling up very quickly as well, as we are here after school more often than not, filming and editing, with Mr. Connor’s Corner’s prestigious sign looking down on us as inspiration and motivation.  Our last montages are commencing and in the process of planning, and we are fully looking forward to working on them with the Walpole High staff.

Stedman and Brownsword are fine and dandy in the acting department, and are very good at remaining in character during class and even outside of class. Gavin and Adande are a great team both on and off screen.

As our stress levels increase, we find our way to victory and satisfaction in our current and upcoming work.

Film class is living proof that March Madness is not just about college basketball.

Fond regards,

Drew Morrier and the Clementine Crew

The midtime

With our film approaching the home stretch the clementine crew is going to have to ramp up production for the final date for our film. With most of the work done, the clementine crew is now proceeding into the 3rd and final dream. With the musical support of Hazardog our film is expected to be an “edge of the seater”. Rumor has it a fruit war is looming in the distance Rambutan has been talking alot of trash about quince.


Be Our Guest

Yo Heanue and Montana here straight chilling at the Clementine Corner giving you a quick time blog.

Were taking a slight break while our two leads are enjoying a day in the life at Stuco to go (anywhere but Walpole High). Later this week, we predict that our production levels will increase from 113% to 115.5%. We will hopefully be filming with Mr. Hahn later this week. Heanue is getting amped for his montage on Friday. We have quite a few scenes left to film ;however, here at the Clementine Corner its about quality not quantity.

We also have a lovely guest named Becky who is bringing us some lovely food called Chipotle.

Heanue and Montana out.

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Oscar the Grouch

I’m currently sitting on a train unable to access the Oscars live streaming (really ABC, i can access ESPN3 from anywhere and I can’t access ABC live????) so I’m naturally pissed. If Alan’s reading this, I’m pretty sure he’s cringing or trying really hard not to even think about what he would do in this situation. My guess: get off at the next station, sprint to a hotel, and pay whatever it takes to get a room.

Anyways, as I’m rendered completely useless here on this train, I thought I’d blog about what’s going on with our movie. Friday was a bit of a distracted day, as I spent more time trying to dunk on Baker than I did on my movie. However, the last two weeks have been extremely productive for the #ClementineFamily. Getting most (if not all) of the shots of our final three dream sequences was pivotal, and we are just now piecing together the footage from all three. If there’s one thing that I learned from the filming experience is that administration puts Alan’s acting to shame.

Anyways, I can’t tell if I want to live blog the Oscars (WHICH I’LL ONLY BE ABLE TO DO BASED ON INFORMATION VIA TWITTER) or just update on how badly Clementine is kicking all the other crews’ butt. I guess to not fill our 33 followers’ timelines, I’ll just update.

20/24 (Our picks)

Supporting  Actor: Jared Leto (Montana adds how much she loves Pharrell.)

Costume Design: Gatsby. Tough Call, Right Choice. #ClementineMotto

Hair and Make Up: Dallas Buyers Club

Animated Short: Get a Horse! Absolute #HorseBLEEP #Mr.Who?

Animated Feature: Frozen. Easy Money.

Visual Effects: Gravity. They shot that in space, right? #Jokes

Live Action Short: Some French title that I have no desire to type out. #BringBackFreedomFries #OurShortGameIsTerrible

Best Doc Short: Lady in Number 6: Music Saved My Life (Also a Lupe Fiasco Song. Fun Fact)

Best Documentary: The Act of Killing. We were 20 feet away from that one.

Best Foreign Film: Great Beauty: the story of day-to-day Clementine escapades.

Sound Mixing: Gravity.


Supporting Actress: Lupita Nyong’o. Beating out J-Law and Julia Roberts is soooo Walpole Girls Soccer. And Boys Soccer. And Field Hockey. And Boys Basketball. Moving on.

Cinematography: Gravedad. I have a personal problem with Gravity winning cinematography as an almost entirely Post Production movie. Just Saying. But, we picked it.

Editing: Pesanteur.

Production Design: Gatsby. Not so rotten after all, eh Nick?


Song: Let IT GOOOOOOO. Still not making up any ground.

Adapted Screenplay: 12 Years (The Book was originally 25 years, but the script cut it down)

Original Screenplay: HER. NOT SCARLET JOHANNSON AS A COMPUTER. HER THE MOVIE. Got us back the lead folks.

Director: Alfonzo Cuaron. We originally had McQueen but went with the split in case it didn’t go Picture-Director. Money.

Actress: Cate Blanchett. Over Meryl, Amy Adams, Sandra Bullock, and Judi Dench. So Walpole Athletics. Winner, winner.

Actor: McConaughey. I loved him We Are Marshall so like, obviously the correlation was there. One more for the win. Alright Alright Alright.

Picture: 12 YEARRSSSSSS. WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER. Get ready to get dunked on Prince of Quince. Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, HEY HEY HEY GOOOOODBYE.


Buzz – Worthy

In the previous week, Mr.Alan published what he titles “The Buzz” on his film festival blog. To enlighten those who are not aware of what The Buzz entails, Mr. Alan ranks each crew by beverage. The more caffeine, the better the flavor, and the bigger the size, the better the ranking is. Unfortunately, upon reading the Buzz we discovered that we are ranked at a raspberry lime rickey. It is unclear whether the ranking is of quality, hype or potential nominations; however, we do know that here at the Clementine Corner, the home of avid coffee drinkers and hard workers, this mediocre ranking does not hold true value nor accurately depict the ranking we deserve.  As Mr.Alan analyzes our film in the buzz,  Mr.Alan states that we are “flying under the radar” and that this is our “first directing stint”. Although the Clementine Crew does not need ranks or validation to know our hard work will pay off, we are quite disappointed that Mr. Alan would rank our movie without seeing a finished product or an edited scene.

None the less, the Clementine Crew has been working exceptionally hard  these past few weeks. On Tuesday of vacation,  we spent a long day of filming at the school from 8:30 until 3:30 and filmed a dream sequence with Mr. Imbusch using our new 50mm lens. On Wednesday we set up an intricate fantasy football set in Mr.Hahn’s office and we were able to film with Mr. Hahn until his daughter decided it would be alright to just puke in the middle of day care. Then they kicked her out. Poor kid, tough day. We were still productive that day and filmed a fight scene between Gavin and Adande. Jack and Matt’s acting has been steadily improving and they are really getting into character. On Thursday we worked on a dopesauce set for the Mr. Connor’s Corner dream sequence and Remy did a great job of getting shots of Matt, Heanue and Erica that we needed to complete some scenes. Finally on Friday we finished the set for Mr. Connors Corner and filmed that dream the majority of the day. (Side-note: Matt and Jack dressed sauve AF for that scene).

We have been dominating in music trivs and are as good looking as always. We hope to all be at the basketball game tomorrow, and TURN DOWN FOR NOTHING.

Stay sassy,

Loose Cannon,  Montana with an inkling of Remdog, Millionaire

Film > Valentines Day and Vacation

February Break is approaching, and as scheduling is frantic Valentines Day dates postponed, and ‘vacations’ cut short, us Clementines are ready for a fantastic filming week ahead.

We are in our triangular editing mode with Remy, Brownsword, and The Frank DeBlasio working diligently to edit our filmed scenes; using our mini-hiatus from filming to our utmost advantage.  

Our preperations for this coming week are going very smoothly.  Preparing for Brownsword and Stedman to look as classy they have ever looked aside our administrative figures.  Our Dream Machine is under construction, with many thanks to Mr. Alan’s donation of our black briefcase (aka the bomb that blew up Jackie).  

We are still in good ties with Quince, even though Heanue is fully convinced otherwise.  Our bins have been in pristine condition ever since they were places, and we couldn’t be happier as a family to share some space with them this year.

Our new addition of The Frank DeBlasio has gone very smoothly as he has felt right at home right away.  The Frank DeBlasio’s editing skills are also whimsical and he is hard at work making things happen.

All in all, we are just fine and dandy and having a good time working on our film! So excited for the weeks to come!

You have a good one now

      Art Director,



Clementine Crew is now Complete!

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Now that the first semester is over, I am now in Film with the rest of the crew and so we are finally a complete crew. I wasn’t able to edit at all during Creative Writing since I was working on a screenplay with Jackfruit’s hilarious Harrison Berkland, but I’ve already edited a scene …only to find out that it’s being reshot. However, I’m confident that I, as well as fellow editor Remy Love, can make our already awesome movie a masterpiece with our editing skills.

As for our progress, Montana, Stedman, Brownsword, and Remy are currently out reshooting the scene that I edited, Drew is labelling footage, Heanue is making music in GarageBand, and I am writing this blog post. We’re all working as a well-oiled machine and I expect things to pick up in the upcoming weeks.

Fun Fact: This is the second year in a row that Remy and I have collaborated as editors on a movie after working together last year on Cucumber’s Miss Superlative.

Until next time, Walpole High,

Clemenquince… or Quincentine?

Hey guys!

On behalf of the crew, I’d like to apologize once again for our lack of blogging…

Oh, wait. We’re not Quince.

Just kidding! We’re actually developing a great partnership with Quince: we’ve allowed them to rent out a piece of the Clementine Corner in exchange for multiple services — including acting help, wardrobe sharing, and help with props. As I sit here blogging with E (yes, I did just copy the beginning of her blog over her shoulder) we’re discussing different tactics regarding editing and filming, bouncing one idea after another off each other.

Photo on 1-23-14 at 10.19 AM #2
She loves me, can’t you tell?

Over this midyear week, The Clementine Crew has been very active after school, working on a couple of scenes that we need to nail from both an acting perspective and a directing perspective. I — as a representative of both — have chosen to tell you, the viewer, about the early struggles and achievements so far. After a debacle of filming our first scene a little rushed, the after midyear time period has not only calmed us down but eliminated the problem of just about every art kid in the school from being in our scene. Thus — with the help of Quince’s very own Prince — we were able to nail down on of the bigger acting scenes in the movie with Adande, Gavin, and the newly renamed KRONOS ( a little better than naming our master of dreams after a degenerative disease, don’t you think?).

So at this point, I’m just waiting for this second midyear to end so I can get to work on getting some lunch and filming. I’m also looking forward to our daily Clementine jam sesh with rap god EM- I mean Montana — in which Adande and I (SEE MONTANA, I’M STAYING IN CHARACTER) hit the high note on some Frank Ocean, while Montana raps every single word Headbandz. Word.

So, I guess we’ll go back to Clementining. And kicking Quince’s ass in trivs.


Gavin (!!!!)