What’s up guise!!! It’s Wicked Classy Wednesday so I’m bein wicked classy even though Matt thinks I look like a prostitute… #HatersGonHate. It’s my third to last day of public school EVA… #PrivateSchoolLife. I’m gonna talk about film now. Imception turned out to be a really dope movie and I’m super glad that I was able to create such art with the Clementine Crew:

Matt, who is my son.

Montana, who is Ray J.

Frank, who is my editing partner in crime.

Heanue, who is always MIA

Drew, who plays tennis real well. #sports

Jack, who I initially forgot, quite ironically, since he keeps a large section of my heart.

and Meg D, who is my bestie and isn’t actually on our crew or a contributor to Imception in any way but she plays Music Trivs for us and was going to walk the red carpet with us until she decided not to.

If you’re reading this, which I don’t expect many will, you’re probably reading everyone else’s blogs. There is a plethora of blogs at this moment because we have to for a grade and none of us want to take a final. #TurnDownForFinals, but we won’t be taking any so #TurnDownForWhat still stands. Thanks y’all for all your support, you guys (my fans) rock my socks.

Congratulations to all the other crews for their success!!!


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