March Madness

We’re well into the month of March here in the Clementine Corner and we are bustling and working around the clock to make Imception fantastic.  Remy, Brownsword and The Frank DeBlasio are editing completed scenes, and they are looking mighty fine if I do say so myself.  The dream sequences editing are quite dreamy themselves as well.

Our schedule is filling up very quickly as well, as we are here after school more often than not, filming and editing, with Mr. Connor’s Corner’s prestigious sign looking down on us as inspiration and motivation.  Our last montages are commencing and in the process of planning, and we are fully looking forward to working on them with the Walpole High staff.

Stedman and Brownsword are fine and dandy in the acting department, and are very good at remaining in character during class and even outside of class. Gavin and Adande are a great team both on and off screen.

As our stress levels increase, we find our way to victory and satisfaction in our current and upcoming work.

Film class is living proof that March Madness is not just about college basketball.

Fond regards,

Drew Morrier and the Clementine Crew


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