Film > Valentines Day and Vacation

February Break is approaching, and as scheduling is frantic Valentines Day dates postponed, and ‘vacations’ cut short, us Clementines are ready for a fantastic filming week ahead.

We are in our triangular editing mode with Remy, Brownsword, and The Frank DeBlasio working diligently to edit our filmed scenes; using our mini-hiatus from filming to our utmost advantage.  

Our preperations for this coming week are going very smoothly.  Preparing for Brownsword and Stedman to look as classy they have ever looked aside our administrative figures.  Our Dream Machine is under construction, with many thanks to Mr. Alan’s donation of our black briefcase (aka the bomb that blew up Jackie).  

We are still in good ties with Quince, even though Heanue is fully convinced otherwise.  Our bins have been in pristine condition ever since they were places, and we couldn’t be happier as a family to share some space with them this year.

Our new addition of The Frank DeBlasio has gone very smoothly as he has felt right at home right away.  The Frank DeBlasio’s editing skills are also whimsical and he is hard at work making things happen.

All in all, we are just fine and dandy and having a good time working on our film! So excited for the weeks to come!

You have a good one now

      Art Director,




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