Clementine Crew is now Complete!

Photo on 2014-01-31 at 13.31

Now that the first semester is over, I am now in Film with the rest of the crew and so we are finally a complete crew. I wasn’t able to edit at all during Creative Writing since I was working on a screenplay with Jackfruit’s hilarious Harrison Berkland, but I’ve already edited a scene …only to find out that it’s being reshot. However, I’m confident that I, as well as fellow editor Remy Love, can make our already awesome movie a masterpiece with our editing skills.

As for our progress, Montana, Stedman, Brownsword, and Remy are currently out reshooting the scene that I edited, Drew is labelling footage, Heanue is making music in GarageBand, and I am writing this blog post. We’re all working as a well-oiled machine and I expect things to pick up in the upcoming weeks.

Fun Fact: This is the second year in a row that Remy and I have collaborated as editors on a movie after working together last year on Cucumber’s Miss Superlative.

Until next time, Walpole High,


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