Clemenquince… or Quincentine?

Hey guys!

On behalf of the crew, I’d like to apologize once again for our lack of blogging…

Oh, wait. We’re not Quince.

Just kidding! We’re actually developing a great partnership with Quince: we’ve allowed them to rent out a piece of the Clementine Corner in exchange for multiple services — including acting help, wardrobe sharing, and help with props. As I sit here blogging with E (yes, I did just copy the beginning of her blog over her shoulder) we’re discussing different tactics regarding editing and filming, bouncing one idea after another off each other.

Photo on 1-23-14 at 10.19 AM #2
She loves me, can’t you tell?

Over this midyear week, The Clementine Crew has been very active after school, working on a couple of scenes that we need to nail from both an acting perspective and a directing perspective. I — as a representative of both — have chosen to tell you, the viewer, about the early struggles and achievements so far. After a debacle of filming our first scene a little rushed, the after midyear time period has not only calmed us down but eliminated the problem of just about every art kid in the school from being in our scene. Thus — with the help of Quince’s very own Prince — we were able to nail down on of the bigger acting scenes in the movie with Adande, Gavin, and the newly renamed KRONOS ( a little better than naming our master of dreams after a degenerative disease, don’t you think?).

So at this point, I’m just waiting for this second midyear to end so I can get to work on getting some lunch and filming. I’m also looking forward to our daily Clementine jam sesh with rap god EM- I mean Montana — in which Adande and I (SEE MONTANA, I’M STAYING IN CHARACTER) hit the high note on some Frank Ocean, while Montana raps every single word Headbandz. Word.

So, I guess we’ll go back to Clementining. And kicking Quince’s ass in trivs.


Gavin (!!!!)


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