Clementine Weekly Wrap-Up

Photo on 2014-01-17 at 09.48

For the boys.

The Clementine Corner is now the Clementine Man Cave. After riding the struggle bus all week long — Montana is battling a cold, and the whole crew has been battling art students in the hallway and taking a lot of time to get the the perfect shot — Friday is here and the Clementine Bachelor Pad is in full force. With Montana enjoying coffee and sleep at home and Remy traveling to the Windy City, Brownsword, Drew, Heanue, and I are just chilling, and getting some work done while we are at it. Breaking news from art direction: Drew has passed in the mood maps. Brownsword is watching and labeling footage as we speak, and Heanue is free-lancing as a swiss army knife, helping out with a little bit of everything (with an emphasis on “reconnaissance”) and “just slinging [his] skills around,” as he calls it.

As for the making of Imception, we started filming this week, working on a few smaller scenes, and after relocating from the front lobby to the upstairs foyer, we have been working hard on getting a key scene right. A few mishaps have halted our process, but things are picking up steam as the directors find the right shot and the actors get into character. As Adande, I’ve been able to make Flannel Tuesday every day, and my character is coming together. Matt and I have been feeding off each other in every scene, and tips from Montana, Mr. Alan and fellow film actors have been extremely helpful. Montana and Remy have been alternating filming duties, and Heanue and Drew help out  when needing, providing added creativity and security, making sure there are few interruptions . Oh, and Remy is maintaining her strong lead in the race for best folder. The wardrobe just wouldn’t be the same without her. Oh, and you know what really grinds my gears? When random people walk into the middle of the scene while we are filming, stop halfway through, and then ask if they are allowed to go through. Like come on, you couldn’t have stopped ten feet before and waited. Patience is a virtue, I guess.

The interior decorating isn’t quite done yet, but the last major renovation has occured, with an older computer being swapped out for a newer one (thank you Mango) after running into problems with Adobe.

Despite the long week, the whole crew is ready to do work over midyears week.  Check back for an update then.




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